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Experts in Identifying  Government Funding Sources

Alternative Funding Strategies, LLC





Often, more than private equity and personal guarantees are necessary to attract the financing needed to bring a venture to fruition. AFS assesses each project and identifies ways government programs can help attract investors and make bankers comfortable enough to provide debt financing.

Every year, government business grants, loans, and other funding programs are offered to developers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.  However, these funding programs can create confusion and challenges for many developers who need guidance and clarity to determine the type of programs available to their companies.

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Identifies Sources of Government Funding

AFS’s experienced government financing program consultants can review your plans and assist you with the application process. During the past 30 years, we have been assisting commercial, residential, and renewable energy businesses to obtain a wide range of financial help for their new ventures.

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Loan Packaging and Grant Application Preparation

Because of our vast experience with funding programs offered by federal and state governments, as well as private companies, we work with clients to prepare loan guarantee packages and grant appiliations.


Experienced in Use of Multiple Funding Sources

AFS is often able to identify and "layer" multiple funding sources in the same project. We ca utilized a plethora of financing strategies, including:

  • Government guarantee loans

  • Tax Credits for Low-Income Housing, Historic Restoration, and Renewable Energy Projects

  • Grants

  • Tax-exempt and taxable bond financing

  • Other federal, state, and local government incentive programs



Projects our staff have worked with include the following:

  • Renewable Energy

  1. Cellulosic ethanol

  2. Biodiesel

  3. Wood pellets

  4. Green electricity

  5. Pyrolysis

  6. Other sustainable technologies

  • Multifamily housing debt financing & tax credits

  • Rural-based business development and debt financing

  • Grants & bonds for nonprofit organizations

  • Historic restoration projects utilizing grants, bonds & tax credits



AFS staff are uniquely qualified because they have first-hand knowledge of government programs that can assist companies in getting their projects financed. The staff has experience with the following government agencies and organizations:

  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

  • Federal Home Loan Bank

  • USDA-Rural Development

  • HUD

  • State Economic Development Agencies

  • Community Redevelopment Organizations

  • Commercial Banks and Savings Institutions

  • Nonprofit Organizations Focusing on

       I. Renewable Energy Debt & Equity Financing 

       II. Federal & State Historic Restoration
       III. Low-Income Housing Financing 
       IV. Community Development

       V.  Bond Financing Agencies 

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